华盛顿邮报和其他支付人的诊所表示在阿拉巴马州的死囚 Several news organizations, including The Washington Post, have recently covered the case of Toforest Johnson, who has been on Alabama’s death row for 21 years. The 死刑诊所, along with the 南部人权中心, represents Johnson, whose case was recently sent back to the state courts by the U.S. Supreme Court for a hearing on his claim of prosecutorial misconduct. The Marshall Project, a nonpartisan, nonprofit news organization that seeks to create and sustain a sense of national urgency about the U.S. criminal justice system, has devoted a page online to ongoing coverage of the case. 读到这里的故事(19年9月11日).

2019萨克斯奖获得者表彰死刑诊所工作 Nirali Beri ’19, winner of the 2019 Sax Prize, was honored at a luncheon on April 22, 2019 for her outstanding work in the Death Penalty Clinic and the East Bay Community Law Center’s Housing Clinic. Hannah Flanery ’19 was honored as the winner of the Honorable Mention for her work in the 东湾社区法律中心’s Housing Clinic. 读到这里的故事(19年4月25日)。

门诊主任写专栏文章中称赞加州州长的死刑暂停  “朝废除死刑的国家的趋势是ummistakable,写道:”门诊主任伊丽莎白·塞梅尔在旧金山纪事报最近的专栏文章中,以下加州州长纽森决定将暂停对在该州死刑。 “因此,他宣布邀请我们每个人反思加州的死刑的悲怆历史,并增强我们国家的机会,实行的是消除和纠正种族从属地位的传统期待已久的改革,”塞梅尔写道。 在这里阅读完整的OP-ED(二千○一十九分之三).

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伊丽莎白·塞梅尔 在她的发言称赞ganem的“慷慨的精神,她的创意,她凶猛的职业道德。”,ganem表示,她感谢DPC教师为“他们的指导,他们的视野,最重要的是,他们对诊所客户的强烈承诺。”她称赞‘惊人的学生在今年的死刑诊所和所有的诊所,谁就会承担起自己推进了一个框架,并建立在客户的命运连接到我们自己的系统。’阅读全文 here (4/2018).

门诊副主任敦促律师 - 委托人特权的重要性  在本公开的在公开法庭认为西恩汉尼提是迈克尔·科恩的客户,教授唤醒 Ty Alper writes in Slate about attorneys’ “ethical obligation not to reveal information ‘relating to the representation of a client’ unless the client consents.”  Alper explains that the privilege “is extremely broad and includes even the names of clients that are otherwise not public.” To read the full op-ed, click here (4/2018).

死刑校友得分民权胜利南 Two 死刑诊所 alums, Micah West ’13 and Jacqueline Aranda ’15, are featured in a recent Berkeley Law news story about alums whose work at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has achieved significant civil rights gains for clients.  Micah’s efforts to end wealth-based pretrial detention began with his article, which was published in the California 法律评论, that presented a constitutional challenge to fines and fees collected from defendants.  At SPLC, Micah and his colleagues have succeeded in persuading 77 municipalities to reform bail practices.  Most recently, he was involved in successful litigation challenging 密西西比州’s practice of suspending the driver’s licenses of poor individuals who did not pay traffic fines.  Jackie was part of a SPLC team that prevailed in a class action suit against Alabama’s prison system for its failure to delivered adequate mental health care.  Read the full article here (2/2018).

临床节目庆祝TIET DPC '17萨克斯冠军塞蕾娜  During 4月24日仪式上,塞蕾娜TIET '17,被评为今年的临床倡导萨克斯奖,她两年出色工作死刑诊所的学生,她协助死亡被判客户在亚利桑那州和南卡罗来纳州的死囚。塞蕾娜的主管,临床教学研究员凯瑟琳·米勒,在她的讲话中描述了她作为“自然之力”谁是“一个天才的作家,经验丰富的调查和不懈的倡导者。”塞蕾娜说:“加入死刑诊所是最好的决定我在法学院做。”塞蕾娜描述从她的母亲谁来到美国作为一个难民,并提出塞蕾娜作为一个单亲汲取灵感。她告诉听众,提倡不通过他们遭受损失的数量决定,而是由“我们如何使用技能,我们在诊所处理这些损失收获。”阅读全文 here (4/2017).

拯救生命:死刑诊所标志着15周年 死刑诊所庆祝成立十五周年招待会在法学院上周五,3月7日和校友,第二天他们的家人早午餐。从2002年除外每个班级校友出席,与临床教授伊丽莎白·塞梅尔和TY阿尔珀,临床教学研究员凯蒂·米勒,和过去的教学研究员bidish萨尔马和凯特一起weisburd。现在在第十六个年头,近200名学生参加了该诊所。诊所的校友的百分之五十以上是在公共利益的立场。该诊所曾代表或面临阿拉巴马州,亚利桑那州,加利福尼亚州,佐治亚州,路易斯安那州,北和南卡罗来纳州,德克萨斯州和弗吉尼亚州的死刑委托人的代理协助。阅读全文 here (4/2017).

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here (4/2017).

死刑诊所校友实现里程碑式的胜利法院 标记feeser '07和面包车swearingen '08,他们每个人都获得了伯克利法律的死刑诊所举足轻重的训练,最近取得了重大胜利,法庭具有深远的意义。 feeser,谁是在圣路易斯奥比斯波私人执业,赢得了他的客户,杰拉德·洛佩兹,谁最初被判处终身无需为致力在20世纪90年代的青少年非杀人罪假释的可能性的释放。洛佩兹被改判给生活以假释继美国在最高法院的裁决 格雷厄姆诉佛罗里达州。  After the California Legislature passed a statute that permits broader resentencing for juvenile life-without-parole defendants, Mark sought relief for Mr. Lopez under the new law, and, after two years of litigation, he prevailed in the Court of Appeal.  Along with other colleagues at Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP, Van successfully challenged the exclusion of male inmates from California’s Alternative Custody Program as a violation of the Equal Protection Clause.  The suit was brought in federal court on behalf of RBGG’s client, William Sassman, who sought to join the program that allows individuals convicted of low-level, non-violent offenses to spend the last portion of their prison sentences in their home communities in order to support their families and make a better transition to release.  To read the full story, click here (1/2017).

State Propositions Tackle 刑事司法 System 教授 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔 and Ty Alper were interviewed about Propositions 62 and 66, competing death penalty initiatives on California’s November 2016 ballot.  Discussing the declining support for the death penalty, Semel cited “the ways in which it harms the nation, whether it is the tremendous costs, the stead number of exonerations, or an increased awareness of how consistently capital punishment is reserved for the poor and people of color.”  Alper criticized Proposition 66, the so-called “speed-up initiative,” “problematic” because “it risks injection more mistakes into our capital punishment system.” To read the full story, click here (二千零十五​​分之十)。

光荣榜:美国律师协会冰雹死刑诊所二人 梅根·麦克拉肯 and 仁莫雷诺'06, attorneys with the 死刑诊所’s Lethal Injection Project, were honored at an American Bar Association event on September 10 in Washington, D.C. The ABA Death Penalty Representation Project gave McCracken and Moreno its 2015 John Paul Stevens Guiding Hand of Counsel Award for their leadership, guidance, and expertise in lethal injection challenges across the 美国. The annual award recognizes lawyers who demonstrate commitment and achievement on behalf of death-sentenced individuals, and who help develop innovative approaches to capital defense. To read the full story, click here。 (二千〇一十五分之九)

Q&A: Ty Alper on 伯克利法律的 Ongoing Push for Hands-on Learning Professor Ty Alper, 伯克利法律的 Director of Experiential Education, describes the initial findings of the Experiential Education Task Force, which was formed by Dean Sujit Choudhry in January. In line with the law school’s greatly expanded clinical and skills offerings, the task force is devising new recommendations for experiential education that will be released by the end of the school year. To read the full story, click here。 (二千〇一十五分之八)

伊丽莎白塞梅尔接受鲁特奖教区别 The 死刑诊所’s founder, Clinical Professor 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔, has just been named the latest recipient of 伯克利法律的 annual Rutter Award for Teaching Distinction.  This award honors a professor who inspires students and demonstrates a deep commitment to teaching. Numerous students have cited Semel as an influential role model, including Jesus Mosqueda ’14—the winner of last year’s Berkeley Law 萨克斯奖临床倡导. “This award is a testament to Lis’ commitment to justice, incredible passion, and unmatched work ethic,” said Mosqueda, now an attorney with the Public Counsel Law Center Immigrants’ Rights Project in 洛杉矶. “Her brilliance as an instructor stems from a genuine care she has for her students and clients. As I work with my clients presently, I’m grateful to have learned from and to continue learning from such a deserving, compassionate mentor.” To read the full story, 点击这里。 (二千〇一十五分之二)

伯克利法律诊所被誉为一个国家的最具创新性 伯克利法律的 死刑诊所 (DPC) was named one of the 15 most innovative clinics among U.S. law schools by National Jurist magazine. From student responsibilities to geographic focus, the clinic has long used an unconventional approach to capital defense. Students accepted into the clinic are required to work there for a full school year, rather than a single semester like most clinics, because of the length and complexity of capital cases. And from the moment Director and Clinical Law Professor 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔 founded DPC in 2001, she has sought to help clients all over the country—particularly in the South. To read the full story, 点击这里。 (1/2015)

Arnold & Porter Gift Funds 死刑诊所 Fellowship Arnold & Porter has announced it will fully fund the Clinical Teaching Fellowship at 伯克利法律的 死刑诊所 for the current fiscal year. The law firm’s generous gift of $114,000 recognizes the clinic’s critical contribution to a court case that invalidated California’s three-drug lethal injection protocol. The 2013 ruling in Sims v. Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation held that the agency failed to comply with the state’s Administrative Procedure Act (APA) when it altered its execution regulations. As a result, the appellate court invalidated the protocols in their entirety.  The landmark ruling culminates four years of work by clinic faculty and students, as well as the clinic’s Lethal Injection Project staff attorneys. They all worked closely with Arnold & Porter, which represented the plaintiff in the case. To read the full story, 点击这里。 (二千〇一十四分之九)

死刑诊所的法律胜利帮助形状刑法 伯克利法律的 死刑诊所 scored a huge victory in June when the California Court of Appeal gave one of its clients access to a district attorney’s records through the California Public Records Act, issuing its first published opinion on the issue. The court rejected the prosecutor’s argument that death-sentenced individuals are not “persons” entitled to equal access to public records.  Professor 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔, the DPC’s Director, argued the case in the appellate court.  DPC students Paul Meyer ’14, Amanda Rogers ’14, and Colleen Bazdarich ’13 worked extensively on the case, conducting legal research, drafting briefs and helping Semel prepare for oral argument.  To read the full story, 点击这里。 (二千〇一十四分之七)

Why Oklahoma Matters in California Professor 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔 writes in the 洛杉矶 Daily Journal, “Those who are chomping at the bit for California to resume executions would do well to pay heed not only to last week’s debacle in Oklahoma, but also to the botched executions that took place in other states over the past few months.  They would would be wise to recall U.S. District Judge Jermey Fogel’s conclusion in December 2006, that there were ‘substantial questions’ about whether six of the 11 men executed at San Quentin were conscious when they were injected with the paralytic and heart-stopping drugs.”  To read the full op-ed, 点击这里。 (二千〇一十四分之五)

Doctors Can and Do Participate in Executions Professor Ty Alper writes in the New York Times, “I am an opponent of the death penalty who believes that capital punishment has always said more about the society that imposes it than the individuals who are subjected to it…That said, the popular conception that doctors ‘cannot’ participate in executions is simply untrue.  They can, and they do.” To read the full op-ed, 点击这里. (5/14)

耶稣mosqueda '14胜萨克斯奖临床倡导 “耶稣mosqueda '14,今年的大学伯克利分校法律的赢家 萨克斯奖临床倡导, helping clients at two legal clinics meant seeing his own life at every turn… Mosqueda assisted in the defense of two clients facing capital punishment. His responsibilities have included reviewing trial records, interviewing clients and witnesses, examining evidence, working with experts, and preparing an 法庭之友 brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on implicit bias in jury selection.” To read the full story, 点击这里. (5/14)

死刑诊所的挑战在法庭短暂挑选陪审员  “在努力照耀歧视挑选陪审员的做法一盏灯,伯克利法律的死刑诊所提交的法庭简短的朋友在支持加州男子的呈请在美国移审令状最高法院。代表黑人妇女的全国代表大会和洛杉矶的黑人女律师协会的申请,这是刑事案件两组第一法庭简短,根据教授伊丽莎白·塞梅尔,死刑诊所的主任,谁担任首席律师。阅读完整的故事,请点击 here。 (12/13)。  

Use of Race in Peremptory Challenges Before Justices Writing about George Williams’s petition for 调卷令 to the U.S. Supreme Court, the National Law Journal’s Marcia Coyle featured the Clinic’s 法庭之友 brief on behalf of two prominent African-American women’s organizations as well as comments by the Clinic’s director, Professor 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔.  Coyle wrote that Williams’s cert. petition “is asking the justices to put teeth into appellate review” of Batson challenges.  The amicus brief in support of Mr. Williams’s petition focuses not only on the prosecutor’s peremptory challenges of five of six qualified African-American prospective jurors, but also on the trial judge’s comment that she has “‘found that black women are very reluctant to impose the death penalty.'” 教授塞梅尔 explained that the judge’s use of a race- and gender-based stereotype cannot be reconciled with Batson’s requirement that jurors be evaluated as individuals, not members of a particular group. To read the full story, 点击这里. (12/13)

Clinic Students Play Vital Role in Capital Case “The outcome was bittersweet: life without parole for a condemned man. But for seven 死刑诊所 students, it was a hard-fought victory. It all began two years ago, when the clinic agreed to work on the case of Jose Briseño, a Texas man condemned to death for fatally shooting a county sheriff. The 1992 conviction was not at issue, but the penalty was. After about twenty years of litigation, and Briseño’s nearly two decades on death row, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals called for a new penalty trial, citing flawed instructions to the jury.”  To read the full story, 点击这里. (5/13)

Students’ Life-or-Death Fight for Fairness Continues “Throughout the past school year, students in Boalt’s 死刑诊所 busily upheld its longstanding fight for fair proceedings in capital cases- a fitting tribute for the clinic’s 10th anniversary celebration in April.” Read the full article here。 (弹簧2012)

死刑诊所 Alums Rack Up Legal Victories
“Three former students from 伯克利法律的 死刑诊所 have recently won impressive victories representing criminal defendants in pro bono cases. Rachael Turner ’02, Van Swearingen ’08, and Sarah Weiss ’10 credit the clinic for providing the training needed to assume major responsibilities in the cases- and for developing core skills they use regularly in all aspects of their legal practice.” To read more, 点击这里. (6/12)

“储蓄,问责制,并全面执行加利福尼亚的行为,或者因为它是比较普遍的,安全的加州主动,轻松胜任下届大选。该倡议具有广泛的支持基础。超过80万民众签署它付诸表决十一月。这是记忆中最简单,最直接的刑事司法举措之一。没有什么绕其内容或目的的公共隐藏。每个人都知道安全加利福尼亚州计划将做的事:它取代了死刑与无假释生活的替代句子,并使用了一些导致储蓄(估计为$ 100百万一年),以资助当地的执法部门和地方检察官机构增加在其谋杀和强奸案件解决率“。继续阅读伊丽莎白塞梅尔的文章, 点击这里. (6/12)

Since When Don’t We Put a Price Tag on Justice?
“Faced with unassailable evidence that the death penalty in California costs hundreds of millions of dollars per year, death penalty supporters tend to respond with what is intended to be a conversation stopper: ‘You can’t put a price tag on justice.'” To continue reading Ty Alper’s article, 点击这里. (5/12)

“More than 60 Berkeley Law alumni gathered last month to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 死刑诊所 and a decade of student accomplishments. The festivities included a dinner reception, a family picnic in Tilden Regional Park, and a fundraising campaign in which an astounding 99 percent of clinic alumni raised more than $18,000.” To continue reading, 点击这里 (5/12)

艾莉森mollman '12胜萨克斯奖卓越的临床倡导
“Ever since the third grade, Alison Mollman ’12 says her “dream job” was to become a lawyer. Sixteen years later, with a law degree almost in hand, the path toward that dream job took a happy turn when she received the 布赖恩米。萨克斯奖卓越的临床宣传。” For more, 点击这里. (4/12)

“For a decade, the 死刑诊所 (DPC) has trained students to pursue the highest standards of criminal representation both during and after their studies at Berkeley Law. Three of them- two alumni and one current student- just parlayed that training into prestigious two-year fellowships.” Continue reading here. (1/12)

Lifeline for Capital Cases
“For defense attorneys, success in a capital case is not always synonymous with acquittal. In many cases, convincing a prosecutor to forgo the death penalty for a negotiated plea counts as a solid victory. However, the pervasive lack of funding for the defense, especially in Southern states, all too often precludes the vigorous investigations that would give prosecutors reasons to take death off the table.” To continue reading, 点击这里。 (弹簧2011)

“Wednesday night, two men were executed. Georgia executed Troy Davis, an African-American man whose guilt in the 1989 murder of a white police officer was very much in doubt. And Texas executed Lawrence Brewer, a white supremacist who was unquestionably guilty of the gruesome dragging death slaying of a black man in 1998. In my mind, the two executions are tragedies of essentially equal proportion.” For more, 点击这里. (9/12)

                            诊所明矾麦丽·帕迪拉'10是三个受助全国著名的电子商务之一。巴雷特prettyman奖学金。该 prettyman奖学金 is a two-year program run by the Georgetown University Law Center’s 刑事司法 Clinic.  In the first five weeks, fellows engage in a rigorous study of criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence, and trial practice. Thereafter, they represent indigent clients in criminal cases in D.C. Superior Court, starting with misdemeanor cases and progressing to felonies.  In the second year of the fellowship, they supervise third-year clinical law students who are representing clients facing misdemeanors.  Clinic Director 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔 is confident that the Prettyman selection committee made a wise choice, calling Padilla’s work “breathtaking in its scope, detail, and creativity.” She added that “from her first day in the clinic, Maile took the initiative in a way that we hope to see at the end of the clinical training, and never expect to see at the beginning. She’s one of the most self-sufficient and resourceful students whom I have ever supervised.”  For more, click here.  (7/11)

Clinic Receives Major Award from Death Penalty                                                                              伯克利法律的 死刑诊所 已收到死刑聚焦(DPF),大型非营利组织致力于消除死刑的废除2011奖。门诊主任 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔,由副主任加盟 Ty Alper,工作人员和诊所校友埃里卡zunkel '02和妮莎·沙阿05年,在比佛利山庄DPF的年度颁奖晚宴上接受了荣誉可能12。领奖后,塞梅尔告诉观众诊所是“变革为我们的学生,他们是谁,他们如何适应社会正义的斗争,和他们有什么责任,作为法律界人士。”她说自己的经验提供“他们可以在客户谁需要生活,但不同的有形感往往被剥夺,轰轰烈烈的代表。”为更多,请点击 here. (5/11)

诊所学生艾伦rheaume '11授予萨克斯奖荣誉奖                                            Clinic student Ellen Rheaume ’11 was awarded an Honorable Mention at the 2011 布赖恩米。萨克斯 Prize luncheon for her outstanding work on four of the Clinic’s capital cases over the course of her two years in the Clinic.  Introducing Ellen at the luncheon, the Clinic’s Supervising Staff Attorney, Kate Weisburd, noted that Ellen intends to represent indigent death row inmates upon her graduation.  “Just as she has done in the Clinic,” Weisburd remarked, “Ellen will represent her future clients with zeal, compassion, and brilliance, pursuing every possible claim, and leaving no stone unturned.”  For more, including photographs from the luncheon, click here.  (4/11)

Clinic Associate Director Ty Alper recently won the Ray L. Casterline Award for Excellence in Writing from the Federation of State Medical Boards.  The Award is given for the most outstanding article published in the 医疗监管的杂志 500 Internal Server Error- 365体育|投注网址

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At a luncheon April 19, Atteeyah Hollie ’10 received the 布赖恩米。萨克斯奖卓越的临床宣传。 Established in memory of Sax ’69, the annual prize is awarded to the graduating Berkeley Law student who has best displayed excellence in advocacy and professional judgment on behalf of clients while participating in a legal clinic.

Hollie was jointly nominated by the 死刑诊所 and the 东湾社区法律中心 (EBCLC), as well as by several fellow clinical students. A faculty committee selected her from a group of nominees from the law school’s various clinics.

At EBCLC Hollie worked in the Clean Slate Practice, which provides free legal services to low-income clients with criminal records who are attempting to fully reenter society as productive members. Supervisor Eliza Hersh ’05 describes her as “very smart, hardworking, unfailingly reliable, and always professional,” and says she “effectively and ethically advocated for her clients.”

At the 死刑诊所, Hollie worked under director 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔 on an Alabama capital murder case. Her assignments focused on developing a claim against the prosecutor for using the majority of his peremptory challenges against prospective women jurors.

“I knew coming into the clinic that discrimination in jury selection was unconstitutional,” Hollie says. “What I didn’t know was how to make this rule work for a client whose capital trial was tainted by discrimination. I soon found myself working on a number of unfamiliar fronts to show that our client was entitled to a hearing, and hopefully a new trial.”

Semel says Hollie was “undaunted, resourceful, and professional in dealing with the bureaucratic challenges” as well as “unfailingly level-headed and focused” in pushing to find solutions.

Three other students received Sax Prize honorable mention: Suzanne Martindale ’10 for her work defending evictions and promoting housing rights at EBCLC’s Housing Practice, Maile Padilla ’10 for developing a client’s life history at the 死刑诊所, and Shane Witnov ’10 for his accomplishments regarding law enforcement surveillance of social networking sites and online media privacy at the Samuelson Technology Law & Public Policy Clinic.

In her acceptance speech, Hollie, who will work at the 南部人权中心 in Atlanta after graduation, made a point to turn the spotlight back on her clinical supervisors. “You provided the most supportive and inspiring work environments a lawyer-to-be could wish for,” she said. “Your commitment and tireless drive in working for equal justice is infectious.”  For photographs of the awards luncheon, click here。对于atteeyah的讲话,请点击 here.

门诊主任发布关于大法官约翰·保罗·史蒂文斯在并存意见的文章 巴泽诉里斯
死刑门诊主任和律师伊丽莎白·塞梅尔的临床教授最近出版的“正义约翰·保罗·史蒂文斯的并存意见反思 巴泽诉里斯;第五格雷格正义放弃在死刑” 365体育投注网址戴维斯分校法律评论.  Through several lenses — the Justice’s capital punishment jurisprudence, his judicial philosophy, and changes in the Court’s composition — 教授塞梅尔 explores Justice Stevens’s determination in Baze 死刑违反第八修正案。查看此文章,请点击 here.


Clinic Staff Attorney Kate Weisburd supervised students Tess Hand-Bender ‘10, Stephanie Clark ‘11, Raghav Krishnaprian ‘10, Joe Goldstein-Breyer ’11, Ellen Rheame ’10, and Sarah Ihn ’10, as they worked closely with Mr. Slater’s trial attorneys. The students spent countless hours both in Berkeley and Virginia getting the case in a position for a settlement. In the fall, the students reviewed hundreds of pages of documents and indentified witnesses who could describe and explain Mr. Slater’s history of mental illness. Along with Weisburd, the students traveled to Virginia and interviewed dozens of witnesses, many of whom shed light on Mr. Slater’s long-standing mental illness and his mental state at the time of the crimes. The students also wrote legal memoranda and pretrial motions, and helped the attorneys develop and assess potential trial theories. All of this work was used to negotiate a favorable plea, which was entered in court on February 19, 2010.

通过对先生一起共事。斯莱特的情况下,学生获得关键的,现实生活中的律师技能。斯蒂芬妮·克拉克,一个2L,解释说:“我在斯莱特情况下工作时学到的技能 - 采集和合成从混乱的文件的事实,建立与证人关系谁没有一个很好的理由相信我,并组织大量关于客户的个人生活信息 - 不能在课堂上讲授了“苔丝手弯机,3L的人都知道她会因为她的先生参与的一个更好的律师。斯莱特的防守。 “作为一名学生,谁是远在电脑屏幕做法律研究背后更舒适,”手德尔说,“没有什么能已经建立了自信,磨练自己的技能作为辩护人,比我在斯莱特的情况下更好地工作。”

When asked to discuss the role of the Clinic’s students, Mr. Slater’s lead counsel, Joseph Flood, said: “We couldn’t have had this result, this quickly, without the Clinic’s involvement.”  Flood explained that it would have been impossible to have interviewed the more than 50 witnesses who were relevant to understanding the pivotal mental health issues in the case without the students’ participation.  Flood also applauded the students’ “hard work and intimate involvement in the case which gave the defense team significant confidence in during plea negotiations.”

死刑诊所最近提交的长篇评论,批评的两个内布拉斯加州和肯塔基州监狱官员提出的注射死刑程序的几个方面。这是两个已被法院强行通过行政程序法(APA)提交其建议的执行程序,以便让有关该国打算执行的人的方式公众意见和辩论的几个州。与诊所以前在加利福尼亚州和马里兰州提出的意见,该诊所在内布拉斯加州和肯塔基州评论揭示了每个国家的程序令人震惊的疏漏和不足之处,包括这两个州上执行之前瘫痪的囚犯继续坚持。阅读在内布拉斯加州提交的评论,请点击 here. To read the comment submitted in Kentucky, click here.

死刑门诊副主任TY的Alper日前发布的“关于注射毒针处决医师参与的真相”,在北卡罗莱纳州 法律评论,其中探讨了注射死刑程序的医生的角色,以及涉及注射死刑诉讼律师的作用。查看文章,请点击 here也.ty最近出版的“国家医疗委员会在调节处决医生参与的作用,”在 Journal of Medical Licensure and Discipline, which examines the legal authority of state medical boards to discipline doctors for participating in executions, and concludes that in most, if not all, states, doctors may not be disciplined for participating. To view this article, click here.

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here. To read the comment submitted in Maryland, click here.

门诊副主任TY阿尔珀最近在发表的专栏 圣何塞水星报, pointing out that the procedures California intends to use for lethal injections would be illegal to use in animal euthanasia in this state. “If this method of killing is unconscionable for animals,” Alper asks, “why does California insist on using it to execute people?” To read the entire piece, click here。阅读关于这个问题,请点击耳珀最近出版的法律评论文章 here.

门诊主任伊丽莎白·塞梅尔辩称在最近的专栏 萨克拉门托蜜蜂报 that, in these difficult economic times, politicians in California show follow the lead of their counterparts in other states who have publicly questioned whether capital punishment is worth its enormous cost. “For decades, Democratic and Republican candidates for governor in California have stepped over each other to prove their capital punishment credentials,” Semel writes. “But public support for the death penalty has dropped dramatically in this state. When money is in short supply here, we would be well served if courage and leadership were not.” To read the entire piece, click here.

诊所协助 Securing Life Sentence in Alabama
死刑诊所研究员凯特weisburd,诊所学生苔丝手弯机'10和吉西尔伯恩斯09,即获得了终身监禁被控在阿拉巴马州蒙哥马利资本谋杀严重精神病的被告的法律团队的一部分人的监督下, 。的情况下被设置为去试一月份的2009年然而,在后期2008年11月,国家同意撤回其请求死刑并接受认罪换取生活的句子,不得假释的可能性。诊所在这种情况下的积极解决起到了关键作用。学生们花了无数时间审查数以百计的记录,并进行了重要的法律研究。与weisburd一起,他们还确定并与法医专家咨询和起草众多的审前动议,这在说服地方检察官接受的情况下无期徒刑发挥了关键作用。

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诊所研究员评论 威利弗朗西斯的执行 加州律师杂志
诊所研究员凯特weisburd审查吉尔伯特·金的书, wilie弗朗西斯的执行:种族,谋杀,并在美国南部寻求正义, for the December issue of 加州律师.  The book, which describes the botched execution of Willie Francis in Louisiana in 1946 and the legal battle that ensued, “creates a compelling and memorable portrait of how poor people and people of color are treated by the criminal justice system”. Read the full review here.

门诊主任伊丽莎白·塞梅尔和诊所学生西瑞拉米雷斯是由非常REV近日采访。阿兰·琼斯,旧金山的恩典大教堂院长,对大教堂的每周电台和电视广播,本次论坛。在采访中,他们讨论了一系列关于死刑的全国性问题,并在加利福尼亚州,和诊所的男性和女性面临死刑,而在同一时间,为学生发展优秀的法律技能的机会,提供代表性的角色。  观看访谈 here.

On October 27, 2008, the 死刑诊所 hosted a screening of the documentary, “At the Death House Door”.  The documentary is an intimate look at the death penalty in the state of Texas through the eyes of Pastor Carroll Pickett, who served 15 years as the death house chaplain to the infamous “Walls” prison unit in Huntsville and presided over 95 executions.  The screening was followed by a discussion with one of the filmmakers, Peter Gilbert, and the two award-winning journalists, Steve Mills and Maurice Possley, whose invstigative reporting is featured in the film.  Read the 日刊文章 有关筛选。 (10/08)

Clinic Alum Assists in Supreme Court Victory

死刑诊所 Alum David Taylor ’06, now an associate at Williams and Connelly, co-authored a merits brief on behalf of amicus National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in support of the petitioner in Cuellar v. 美国 500 Internal Server Error- 365体育|投注网址

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Clinic Holds Second Annual Benefit
On July 17, 2008, clinic alums, supporters, family, and friends gathered for the Second Annual Benefit for the 死刑诊所, hosted by Arguedas, Cassman, and Headley LLP and the Law Office of Ann C. Moorman. Last year’s benefit raised enough funds to hire our first Clinical Fellow, Kate Weisburd, who has expanded the ability of the Clinic to serve as a resource for lawyers representing death row inmates, particularly in the South. This year’s benefit was a wonderful success and supporters were entertained by live music and heard from Clinic Director 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔, Clinic alum Lisa Cisneros ’07, and Clinic Fellow Kate Wesiburd. For photographs from the event, click here. (08/08)

诊所协助 Lenix Victory in California Supreme Court
在2008年7月24日,加州最高法院发布的意见中 人诉亚瑟lenix, S148029, holding that “evidence of comparative juror analysis must be considered in the trial court and even for the first time on appeal if relied upon by defendant and the record is adequate to permit the urged comparisons.” Although the Court denied relief to Mr. Lenix, the ruling was a major victory in the litigation of Batson claims before the California Supreme Court.

伯克利法律客座教授悬崖加德纳和拉里·吉布斯,教授伊丽莎白·塞梅尔,诊所的主任,提起 法庭之友 brief in support of Mr. Lenix. The brief brought together the California State Conference of the NAACP, Rabbi Allen B. Bennett (President of the California Board of Rabbis), Dr. James Donahue (President of the Graduate Theological Union), Souleiman Ghali (founder of the Islamic Center of San Francisco), the Rev.Cannon Charles P. Gibbs (President of the United Religions Initiative), and Rev. Dr. Cecil L. Murray (former pastor of First A.M.E Church in 洛杉矶 and currently the John R. Tansey Chair in Christian Ethics at the University of Southern California). The amici在他们的组织能力和个人能力,在消除歧视的长期利益 - 无论是基于种族,性别,宗教或任何其他宪法不允许的因素 - 在国家和民族的民主制度。简要先进双方宪法的指责陪审团的权利自由选择种族的歧视和所有公民的参与陪审团服务的权利。读 more.

Read the 日刊文章 on the Clinic’s involvement in Lenix.

看门诊主任伊丽莎白·塞梅尔的日刊评上lenix意见 here.

Clinic Featured in the boalt大厅成绩单
在巴泽注射死刑案件的诊所,其工作是在的的2008年春季版功能 boalt大厅成绩单。本文讨论两个 amicus brief 由诊所和基于Web的致命注射结算所提交的, http://www.lethalinjection.org/。阅读文章 here. (05/08)

在2008年4月28日,死刑门诊主任伊丽莎白·塞梅尔在一起的两个大学伯克利分校法律兼职教授,悬崖加德纳和拉里·吉布斯,在提交的 amicus brief in the California Supreme Court in support of Arthur Lenix, who was convicted of murder in Kern County. The brief, which was filed 代 California Conference of the NAACP and five prominent denominational leaders, concerns the procedures by which California courts determine Batson motions, that is motions arguing that a party exercised a peremptory challenge against a prospective juror based upon race or some other constitutionally impermissible factor. At issue is a particular method — known as “comparative juror analysis.” –of demonstrating that a strike was exercised based upon race or for other prohibited reasons. The amicus brief argues that Mr. Lenix should be permitted, based upon the record of the jury voir dire, to present a comparative juror analysis for the first time in the appellate courts. The case, People v. Lenix, S148029, is scheduled for oral argument on May 27, 2008 in San Francisco. Read more here. (4/08)

US Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Snyder
在2008年3月19日,最高法院在7-2决定,裁定有利于艾伦·斯奈德的 Batson 权利要求中斯奈德诉路易斯安那。诊所和公司 威尔默硬朗 合着的 amicus brief宪法项目 in support of Allen Snyder. Two Clinic students, Desiree Ramirez and Armilla Staley, and Clinic Fellow Kate Weisburd worked on the brief with Professor 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔, and 出席口头辩论 in December 2007. Read the Supreme Court’s decision here. (03/08)

In a recent article published in the Harvard Law and Policy Review, Clinic Associate Director Ty Alper argues that states should develop lethal injection protocols with input from relevant experts and in full view of the public. The article, “What Do Lawyers Know About Lethal Injection?” 由国家凸现企图通过把律师费协议修订,以避免公众的监督。 (03/08)

Clinic Director Testifies Before California Commission
教授伊丽莎白·塞梅尔,死刑诊所的主任,加州委员会作证正义的公平行政(http://www.ccfaj.org/) on February 20, 2008 regarding the failure of the state to adhere to the guidelines established by the American Bar Association for the Appointment and Performance of Counsel in Death Penalty Cases. She testified that, based upon recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, the ABA Guidelines “now carry the weight of constitutional authority.” Quoting from those opinions, she told the Commissions that the Guidelines “‘set forth a national standard of practice for the defense of capital cases,'” with which states must comply. Professor Semel testified at the second of three public Commission hearings regarding the state’s capital punishment system. 死刑诊所 student Armilla Staley-Ngomo assisted in the preparation of 教授塞梅尔’s testimony. The mandate of the Commission is to examine the causes of wrongful convictions and to make recommendations to insure that the administration of justice in California is just, fair, and accurate. Video and transcript of the of the hearing is availble here. Read 教授塞梅尔’s 书面证词.

Semel and 死刑诊所 Win Legal Service Award
The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty awarded Clinic Director 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔 and the 死刑诊所 one of its 2008 Legal Service Awards at its Annual Conference in San Jose, California.  Click here 有关更多信息,与其他获奖者名单。 (01/08)

Clinic Faculty and Students Attend Baze Argument
诊所教师和学生在本月初专程到最高法院观看巴泽诉参数。里斯,并参与相关的情况下,媒体的努力。在右边的照片,诊所团队提出的论点之后法院步骤。前排升至r:TY阿尔珀,伊丽莎白塞梅尔,仁莫雷诺;后排左起:瓦内萨·豪,mojgone azemun,喜悦哈维兰。有关诊所的注射死刑问题的工作的更多信息,请点击 here. (01/08)

In the days leading up to the Supreme Court argument in 巴泽诉里斯, Clinic Director 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔 and Associate Director Ty Alper discussed the problems with lethal injection in a variety of national media fora.  Semel was featured in a 全国公共广播电台 segment that ran the morning of the oral argument, and was quoted widely in the national press, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the 洛杉矶时报.  Alper was also quoted widely in the national media, and appeared on C-SPAN’s 华盛顿期刊 口头辩论,罗伊·恩格勒特,谁主张肯塔基州的巴泽案前的早晨。为对巴泽情况下,媒体的报道进行全面审查,请点击 here. (01/08)

Clinic Featured on Southern California Public Radio
诊所及其对巴泽注射死刑的情况下工作,以及其代表的工作 沃尔特·罗纳,于南加州公共电台最近特点。听件,单击 here. (01/08)

On December 4, 2007, 死刑诊所 Director 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔, Clinic Fellow Kate Wesiburd, and Clinic students Desiree Ramirez and Armilla Staley-Ngomo attended the Supreme Court argument in 斯奈德诉路易斯安那州没有。 06-10119。代表构成项目中,诊所的威凯平和律师事务所提交的 法庭之友 brief in support of the petitioner, Allen Snyder. This was the students’ first visit to the Supreme Court. It was an exceptional educational opportunity for them to watch Stephen Bright argue the case on behalf of Mr. Snyder, adding another dimension to the students’ hours of research and writing. The night before oral argument, Clinic alum Shannon Rozner (’02) hosted a dinner for Prof. Semel, the students, and clinic alum David Taylor (’05).

关于斯奈德案件的更多信息,包括口头辩论的简报和成绩单可用 here.

Clinic Associate Director Wins Angel Award
加州律师杂志已经选择门诊副主任,TY阿尔珀,作为一个 20个天使获奖 他在沃尔特李罗纳JR的情况下工作,谁是从阿拉巴马州监狱服刑八年多后,他的信念,对资本谋杀指控后释放。该杂志介绍的年度奖谁表现出“以无偿激烈的情况下承诺的律师。””阿尔珀拿起沃尔特·李罗纳JR的情况。在2004年,作为南部中心为人类工作人员的律师工作,并与他提起的案件时,当他于2004年加入阿尔珀诊所,结合工作与SCHR并与几个诊所学生的援助,起诉的发现的证据在庭审中,司法和陪审员的不当行为。先生。罗纳被授予了新的尝试和一个经过谈判的“时间服”认罪,先生。罗纳走出监狱自由的人对2007年2月8日。

Lethal injection executions in this country are performed by untrained, unqualified prison employees using inadequate equipment and following incomprehensible protocols, according to an amicus brief 由死刑诊所申请11月13日,2007简要为支持申请人的申请中 巴泽诉里斯, currently pending in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Clinic surveyed thousands of pages of documents from more than a dozen states, concluding that states have “turned a blind eye” to the foreseeable problems inherent in the three-drug lethal injection formula, and have allowed “ignorance and neglect – rather than science and deliberation – to guide the formation and implementation of lethal injection protocols.”  The Clinic filed the brief on behalf of death-sentenced inmates who are litigating lethal injection challenges in California, Missouri, Maryland, and Florida.  The brief, prepared with the assistance of the Clinic’s Eighth Amendment Fellow, 仁莫雷诺和两个诊所的学生,喜悦哈维兰和Vanessa镐,通过解释是药三分毒配方中固有的危险开始,并介绍了不能正确地管理麻醉的犯人如何能导致难以忍受的痛苦,痛苦,死亡。简要然后详细介绍了注射死刑在这个国家的政府普遍缺乏专业精神和能力的。对于链接到所有的巴泽情况介绍,以及关于注射死刑挑战的更多信息,请访问 http://www.lethalinjection.org/。 (11/07)

The Clinic recently filed a petition for 调卷令 in the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of an Alabama death row inmate named Mark Jenkins.  Mr. Jenkins, convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in St. Clair County County, Alabama, has been on death row for more than 16 years.  The Clinic’s petition, which was drafted primarily by Clinical Fellow Kate Weisburd, raised two issues in the Court: first, whether the number and race of jurors struck can, without more, establish a prima facie case of race discrimination in jury selection, and second, whether capital litigants in Alabama have a right to counsel in their appeals to the Alabama Supreme Court.  点击这里看到请愿书. (10/07)

诊所明矾大卫·泰勒06年,现在的威廉姆斯和Connolly在华盛顿副教授,合写了一 brief 代表法庭的友刑事辩护律师敦促最高法院授予德库埃利亚尔v调卷令的全国性协会。美国,没有。 06-1456,把这个词在1986年短暂的洗钱防制法“隐藏”的含义的情况下列举双方检察院和法院,这些都导致了意想不到的和不公平的结果,这个词的大量过于宽泛的解释。法院同意审查在2007年10月15日,并有可能在2008年作出一项裁决(10/07)

Clinic Welcomes First Post-Graduate Fellows
两门研究生后研究员也加入了死刑诊所的工作人员。 仁莫雷诺 500 Internal Server Error- 365体育|投注网址

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http://www.lethalinjection.org/, and will work in collaboration with lawyers and other professionals who are litigating lethal injection challenges across the country. Kate Weisburd joins Berkeley Law as the first Death Penalty Clinic Fellow. Before attending Brown University, Kate spent 2 years as a capital case investigator at the 南部人权中心 in Atlanta. Kate is a 2005 graduate of Columbia Law School where she received several public interest fellowships, which enabled her to intern at the Public Defender Service in Washington, D.C., the NAACP-Legal Defense Fund and the Brennan Center for Justice. She arrives from a two-year clerkship with Judge Lawrence Karlton (U.S. District Court, E.D. Calif.). Over the next two years, Kate will be expanding the 死刑诊所’s docket by working on death penalty cases, particularly in the South, where lawyers are often unqualified and under-resourced, as well as taking on projects that engage the Clinic in systematic challenges to aspects of capital punishment. (09/07)

On September 5, 2007, the Clinic and 威凯平和 filed an 法庭之友 短暂在美国最高法院代 宪法项目 in support of Allen Snyder, and African American on Louisiana’s death row. The brief argues that the Louisiana Supreme Court, which upheld Mr. Snyder’s conviction and death sentence, failed, under 巴特森诉肯塔基,考虑到在确定状态是否撞上了基于种族黑人陪审员所有相关证据。简要强调检察官的引用的“不寻常的,不道德的,违反宪法性质的”以O.J.审判为“检察官的歧视意图利用他的强制性回避清除先生的有力的证据时辛普森。斯奈德的所有非洲裔美国人的资本陪审团。”代宪法项目,诊所和威凯平和认为,检察官的规则的违反 Batson requires that the Louisiana Supreme Court’s judgment be vacated. Two Clinic students, Desiree Ramirez and Armilla Staley, and the 死刑诊所 Fellow, Kate Weisburd, worked on the brief with Professor 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔. Oral argument in the case has not yet been set. For more information and to see the relevant opinions and briefs in the case, click here. (09/07)

在2007年7月19日,死刑诊所迎来了它的客户之一,沃尔特·罗纳的释放。场合是为诊所,这是由阿格达斯,卡斯曼主办,黑德利律师事务所和安C的律师事务所第一年收益。穆尔曼。先生。罗纳,谁在谋杀罪定罪服务八年的生活没有假释刑期后在2007年2月8日走出了一条阿拉巴马州的监狱中,是诊所和一个客户端 南部人权中心。他飞到加州见面,首次,一些谁对他的情况下工作的boalt学生。诊所校友,支持者,家人和朋友齐聚一堂,迎接先生。罗纳从院长克里斯托弗·埃德利,JR。听到主任伊丽莎白·塞梅尔,副主任TY阿尔珀和诊所明矾沙雷戴维斯'04,现在在康特拉科斯塔县副公设辩护人。 “你为我们做什么,以及我们向你学习,取得了非凡的差异,”塞梅尔告诉出席的诊所校友。 “你是我们做的心脏。”从事件的照片,单击 here。对于先生的媒体报道。罗纳的访问和出狱的照片,单击 here. (08/07)

诊所协助 Alabama Supreme Court Victory
死刑诊所协助在阿拉巴马州的死刑犯的一个重大胜利。在 单方面克莱蒙斯, __ So.2d __, 2007 WL 1300722 (Ala. May 4, 2007), the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that appellate courts may not invoke procedural bars to defeat prisoners’ constitutional claims if the State has previously waived its right to rely on those bars. The landmark ruling will affect prisoners throughout Alabama, particularly those on death row, many of whom have valid constitutional claims that have been denied on purely procedural grounds. 死刑诊所 students became involved in the case in 2005, when David Taylor ’06 worked under the supervision of Associate Director Ty Alper to assist Mr. Clemons’ lawyers at Winston and Strawn, LLP in Washington, D.C., in drafting their brief to the Alabama Supreme Court. This year, Katy Miller ’07 worked with firm partner Anne Stukes to prepare her for oral argument in the Alabama Supreme Court.

TY阿尔珀,死刑诊所的副主任,作证周二,5月8日加利福尼亚州参议院公众安全委员会之前,对于一个新的死刑执行室最近爆料,在圣昆廷监狱被构造成,而不从立法的适当通知或权威。阿尔珀的证词有关的挑战,注射死刑在美国加州的诉讼,显然促使监狱官员开始对新的行刑室建设信息提供的委员会。在他的证词,阿尔珀澄清的是,联邦法官主持注射死刑的诉讼还没有订购新的室的建设,监狱官员声称该委员会。点击这里阿尔珀提交给委员会的官方声明。点击 here 在一篇文章 湖人时 有关听证会。

Clinic Student Mark Feeser Wins 2007 Sax Prize
对于连续第二年,死刑诊所的成员赢得了 布赖恩米。萨克斯 Prize for Excellence in Clinical Advocacy. The prize is awarded each spring to a graduating law student who has best displayed excellence in advocacy and professional judgment on behalf of clients while participating in a Boalt-sponsored legal clinic. This year, Mark Feeser ’07 was recognized for his work in both the 死刑诊所 and the 东湾社区法律中心. Click here 阅读有关标志的成就,并看到从2007年的萨克斯颁奖午宴照片。点击 here to read Mark’s speech at the Award Luncheon.

Clinic Victory Featured in 该berkeleyan
在其2007年3月1日发行, 该berkeleyan featured the case of 沃尔特·罗纳, a client of the Clinic and the 南部人权中心, who was released from an Alabama prison in February after serving eight years following his conviction for capital murder. Click here for more photographs of Mr. Rhone’s release. (03/07)

死刑诊所学生莉萨·西斯内罗斯'07最近被刊登在 article in 记录, a San Francisco daily legal newspaper, which profiled the prominence of clinical programs at Bay Area law schools. “Investigating, drafting briefs, doing legal research – none of those experiences jump out of a case book or out of a professor’s lecture,” Cisneros is quoted as saying in the article, which describes her as belonging to the “new crop of savvy students who know that they want more from their legal education.” The article goes on to describe the recent expansion of Boalt Hall’s clinical faculty, and the fact that law schools throughout the Bay Area are responding to increased demand for experiential learning opportunities. (02/07)

Clinic Client Released After Eight Years in Prison
死刑诊所本月庆祝纪念胜利时沃尔特罗纳,诊所和一个客户端 南部人权中心 (SCHR),从阿拉巴马州监狱服刑八年多后,他的信念,对资本谋杀指控后释放。门诊副主任TY的Alper开始代表先生。罗纳三年前,当他在SCHR先生和工作人员的律师。罗纳担当终身监禁的判决,不得假释的可能性。在SCHR加盟boalt的临床教师,阿尔珀和诊所的合作律师后,威廉·蒙特罗斯,在阿拉巴马州最高法院赢得了一个里程碑式的裁决, 单方面罗纳, 900 So.2d 455 (Ala. 2004), which allowed Mr. Rhone to pursue post-conviction relief. SCHR investigators subsequently uncovered prosecutorial, judicial, and juror misconduct that occurred during Mr. Rhone’s 1999 trial in Bessemer, Alabama. Several Clinic students – including Jamie Popper ’05, Laura Clark ’05, Michael Lepie ’06, and Angel Sevilla ’05 – drafted memos and pleadings based on this investigation, which culminated in a ruling by Alabama Circuit Court Judge John E. Rochester granting Mr. Rhone a new trial. After negotiations for a “time served” plea following Judge Rochester’s order, Mr. Rhone walked out of prison a free man on February 8, 2007, into the waiting arms of his mother, father, sisters, and children. Click here for photographs of Mr. Rhone’s release. (02/07)

死刑诊所明矾阿曼达公园06年,目前在康特拉科斯塔县,加利福尼亚一个公设辩护人,已接受要约的员工律师合作 南部人权中心 (SCHR) in Atlanta, GA. Parks, the recepient of the 2006 Sax Prize for Excellence in Clinical Advocacy, will be representing death row inmates in Alabama and Georgia during trial, post-conviction, and federal habeas proceedings. She is the latest in a line of Clinic alums who have embarked on careers devoted to the representation of death row inmates, including Alma Lagarda ’05 (德州后卫服务),萨拉拉克利'06(公正审判的倡议), and Nisha Shah ’05 (人身保护资源中心)。 (02/07)

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Ty Alper. The article explores the relationship between plain error review on direct appeal and review for prejudice in ineffective assistance of counsel claims raised in habeas proceedings.

Clinic Student Amanda Parks Wins 2006 Sax Prize
死刑诊所的学生阿曼达公园'06是2006年收件人的 布赖恩米。萨克斯奖卓越的临床宣传。 The prize is awarded each spring to a graduating law student who has best displayed excellence in advocacy and professional judgment on behalf of clients while participating in a Boalt-sponsored legal clinic.

公园被公认为在阿拉巴马州的死囚代表诊所的客户端的显著调查和法律工作。园区采取了诊所学生开发和维护律师 - 客户关系中的领导责任,并协助进行约谈证人,并收集记录。与制作四次前往阿拉巴马以来,她进行了广泛的法律研究和分析,准备举行听证会,并起草了一份简短的阿拉巴马州巡回法院。

Click here 看到从萨克斯奖颁奖午宴,这是于4月17日,2006年点击照片 here to read Parks’ speech at the Award Luncheon.

Clinic Gets an “Assist” in 10th Circuit Victory
The 死刑诊所 has assisted in a major victory for capital defendants in the Tenth Circuit. The Clinic has been counsel in several cases that raised the question of whether people sentenced to death are entitled to lawyers in clemency proceedings and proceedings to determine whether they are competent to be executed. In these cases, the Clinic represented attorneys who were appointed under a federal statute on behalf of death-row inmates in Texas. Information about the clinic’s litigation, including relevant pleadings, is available on the clinic’s docket page.  In December 2002, the Supreme Court declined to review the petitions. However, the issue remains very much on the front burner of capital litigation. The Clinic’s briefing was recently used by lawyers in the Tenth Circuit who successfully challenged the denial of counsel in state clemency proceedings in Oklahoma. On January 23, 2006, the Tenth Circuit in 海恩诉穆林 发出的全体法官决定,该诊所的位置同意。意见可 here.

死刑门诊主任批评死刑制度 湖人时
死刑门诊主任和律师伊丽莎白·塞梅尔的专栏临床教授,“死刑不支付”,发表于 洛杉矶时报 1月13日之前克拉伦斯阿伦的安排执行。 “一个月内两次执行是前所未有的,”写道: 教授塞梅尔反对死刑作为资本罪的威慑效力的专栏文章细节的实质性论点“的状态下,直到十二月,已自1977年以来只进行了11处决”,理由是那里的囚犯被判有罪死亡的可比案例-eligible罪行,但并没有最终判处死刑。塞梅尔提供了与死刑有关的非凡财务费用惊人的例子:1977年后,加州成本的十亿美元的四分之一每个11个处决;资本成本的试验至少三倍之多非资本谋杀案;数千万美元的资金每年用于支付法庭,检察官和辩护律师。塞梅尔认为,“我们的状态会做除去巨大的经济和精神的重量这个信天翁没法比更好。”

To read the complete opinion piece, visit the 洛杉矶时报 .

该berkeleyan Interviews Professor 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔
In its December 1 issue, 该berkeleyan interviewed 死刑诊所 Director 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔 关于加州死刑。您可以通过以下链接阅读这个故事:

Attorney Sandra Babcock, the lead lawyer in a high-profile legal struggle over the fate of more than 50 Mexican nationals awaiting execution in U.S. prisons, spoke at Boalt Hall on Wednesday, October 12.

Babcock, an attorney in private practice in Minneapolis, directs the Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program, a project funded by the Mexican government to assist its nationals in capital cases at trial and on appeal. In that role, she was Mexico’s counsel in an 国际 Court of Justice case that challenged U.S. procedures in prosecuting Mexican nationals in capital cases. Specifically, Mexico v. 美国 (也称为 Case Concerning Avena and Other Mexican Nationals) alleged that the United States had ignored its international treaty obligations and violated the rights of 52 condemned Mexican nationals by denying them consular notification and consultation after arrest and while they were awaiting trial. In 2004, the 国际 Court of Justice found for Mexico in the case and directed the 美国 to review the convictions and sentences of these 52 individuals.

该事件是对公众开放,并通过boalt的赞助 死刑诊所 and 国际 Human Rights Law Clinic.

死刑诊所 Featured in the boalt大厅成绩单
Professor 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔 和死刑诊所是在的2005年夏季特刊 boalt大厅成绩单。您可以通过以下链接阅读的故事。

在2005年6月13日,美国最高法院给予的救济托马斯·米勒-EL,谁曾在1986年被定罪谋杀罪,判处死刑,得克萨斯州, Thomas 米勒-EL诉dretke 03-9659.  The 死刑诊所 and the firm of Sidley Austin Brown & Wood had filed 法庭之友 支持请愿书审查,之后的内裤 调卷令 得到了批准,敦促请愿人的定罪和死刑判决被推翻。在的问题是检察机关的使用强制性的挑战,从陪审团罢工非裔美国人的91%。苏特法官,写了六义多数,得出结论认为,国家对于它的打击解释是“托词”,指出它“闪烁现实”,为国家否认它曾质疑具体陪审员,因为他们是黑人。

The clinic and Sidley Austin filed four amici 在代表前法官和检察官的这件事情。 Amici include former federal appellate court judges, a former deputy U.S. attorney general, a former F.B.I. director, former state attorneys general, former assistant U.S. attorneys, and the former district attorney of Boston. Amici joined in this effort because of their commitment to the principle that members of the bench and law enforcement officials bear responsibility for maintaining a justice system that honors the equal treatment of all people and instills trust in the public the system serves.

Three 死刑诊所 students, Racheal Turner, Jessica Simbalenko and Portia Glassman, worked on the briefs with Professor 伊丽莎白·塞梅尔, who was counsel of record in the Supreme Court for the amici.

Mr. Miller-El was sentenced to death in Texas in 1986, after the prosecution had used 10 of its 11 peremptory challenges to strike qualified African Americans from the jury. In his first petition for a writ of 调卷令 , 先生。米勒-EL问美国最高法院强制执行的规则 巴特森诉肯塔基,美国476 79(1986年),其中禁止在挑选陪审团成员的强制性挑战的运动种族歧视。诊所的第一 amicus brief was filed on behalf of a former federal appellate court judge and a former federal prosecutor. In February 2002, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Miller-El’s case, and, in May 2002, the clinic filed an amicus 简短的支持对他的定罪和死刑判决应当扭转了申诉人的说法。该 amici 包括前联邦和州法院的法官和前联邦和国家检察官。

In 2003, the Supreme Court, in an 8-1 opinion in 米勒-EL诉科克雷尔,美国537 322(2003),裁定上诉第五巡回法院拒绝考虑米勒-EL的 Batson claim based upon a standard of review that was too demanding. It concluded that Miller-El had clearly demonstrated his case should be heard by the 5th Circuit. While the majority opinion did not reach the merits of the Batson claim, it engaged in a detailed review of the extensive evidence concerning the prosecution’s jury selection practices and also criticized the lower courts’ “dismissive and strained interpretation” of critical facts presented by Thomas Miller-El. Justice Kennedy’s opinion modeled for the lower courts how Batson claims should be addressed.

2004年3月,第5电路再次裁定,检察官没有刻意排除先生非裔美国人。米勒-EL的资本陪审团。 米勒-EL诉dretke,361 f.3d 849(第五巡回法院,2004年)。对令状的请愿书 调卷令 在被提起 Thomas 米勒-EL诉dretke,03-9659,和,5月28日,诊所和盛德提交的 amicus brief in support of the petition. Their brief argued that the 5th Circuit refused to follow the Supreme Court’s directives regarding the constitutionally sanctioned mode of Batson analysis, and adopted instead an illogically truncated framework for review, which simply ignored key aspects of Mr. Miller’s El’s case. On June 28, 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court granted 调卷令.

2004年9月,代表 amici,诊所和盛德国际支持先生提交了一份简短。米勒-EL的论点,对他的定罪和死刑应该被逆转。该 amici 敦促,除了在先生明显的不公正性。米勒-EL的情况下,救援是必要的,因为第5电路的治疗 Batson claim provides other courts with a road map for insulating discriminatory peremptory challenges from judicial scrutiny. They further argued that, left to stand, the lower court’s decision would do grave damage to public confidence in our judicial system. The case was argued on December 6, 2004.

You can read articles on the decision in the San Francisco Chronicle or the ABA杂志 欲获得更多信息。


2005年死刑诊所类贡献$ 3000作为其类活动的一部分
类的2005年死刑诊所的毕业生呈现院长edley与在$ 3,000.00美元金额的支票,代​​表他们提出的2005类活动的一部分,专门用于死刑诊所的钱。在boalt大厅校友会类礼品系列匹配2比1,从而使捐赠诊所将达到$ 9,000.00。诊所2005年的毕业生谁也促使但不合照是艾米丽卡尔森,阿尔玛lagarda和萨洛蒙萨瓦拉。

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